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Rheosys LLC is a comprehensive instrumentation and technical support company specializing in rheometer / viscometer design & manufacture. Research level rheometers & viscometers, Q/C viscometers, asphalt viscometers, temperature controllers and accessories.


In 2004 with the introduction of the Merlin & "micra" Windows XP / Vista software, Rheosys combined features usually found in more expensive research equipment, such as rheometers and rheogoniometers, into laboratory viscometers. The Merlin combined the programable Windows controlled research viscometer with an integrated thermoelectric temperature controller. The Rheosys micra windows software introduced the function & flexibility of more sophisticated rheology software to the viscometer market, allowing full real time instrument control, test parameter definition, multiple test merging and modelling capabilities.

In 2006 Rheosys introduced the Asphalt DRV, the first viscometer designed to automatically run the AASHTO T316-06 (ASTM D4402-06) test. All defined parameters can be accessed and changed from the viscometer. All changes are automatically saved to on-board SRAM. The Asphalt DRV runs the specified test without the need of operator intervention. All required samples are taken, averaged and displayed on screen. With the option to print directly from the Asphalt DRV or store for later analisys, the Asphalt DRV represented a significant improvement over existing viscometers used for AASHTO T316-06.



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