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The Rheosys  Merlin VR  is our most advanced and versatile instrument. The Merlin VR can easily generate precise data in terms of viscosity, flow curves, and yield stress. Its built in thermoelectric temperature control system and ability to conduct temperature isothermal and ramp experiments distinguishes it from other instruments. The included Co-Axial Cylinders, Cone and Plate & Parallel Plate measuring systems enables the Merlin VR to accurately and routinely measure a wide range of materials under varied conditions.

Merlin          Viscometer / Rheometer

Combining the sophisticated features of a rheometer with the ease of use of a viscometer, the Merlin
is the most affordable solution available.


Merlin VR Literature.

*Below 5°C requires external liquid cooling

 Above 95°C requires external liquid heating

Technical Specifications

Angular Velocity

0.01 to 200 rad/s

Shear Rate Range

Measuring System Dependent

Torque Range

0.001 to 20 mNm

Shear Stress Range

Measuring System Dependent

Temperature Range

-10 to 120 °C*

User Selectable Speeds

20,000 discrete steps

Measuring Systems Included

Cone & Plate, Parallel Plate, and Co-Axial Cylinders