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VISCOPro+  Programmable Viscometer

The ViscoPro+ Viscometer is a high performance rotational viscometer capable of both steady shear and yield stress testing in a rugged, compact size. Designed for performing routine testing, from single point viscosity checks for QC, to complex viscosity flow evaluation for research.

The ViscoPro+ can be interfaced and controlled with our Windows based research software "micra", turning the ViscoPro+ into a fully featured rheometer.


VISCOPro+ with High Temperature Melts option.

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Technical Specifications

Angular Velocity

0.01 to 100 rad/s

Shear Rate Range

Measuring System Dependent

Torque Range

0.001 to 10 mNm

Shear Stress Range

Measuring System Dependent

Temperature Range

Options from -10 to +350 C

User Selectable Speeds

10,000 discrete steps

Measuring Systems Included

Co-Axial Cylinders

VISCOPro+ Literature.

VISCOPro+  Literature. Low resolution for faster download